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WES 1st Grade

First Grade Schedule


(This schedule is subject to change as the year advances.)


7:55       Word Walls and Literacy Tasks

8:15        Opening Activities (calendar, number line, Pledge of Allegiance, number sense activities, etc.)

8:40       Interactive Writing (sharing the pen)

9:15        Word Work/Phonemic Awareness

              (snack on Monday)

9:30       Art on Monday

Snack and Interactive Read-Aloud on Tuesday through Friday

10:00      P. E.

10:25      Journaling

11:05       Shared Reading

11:30       Lunch

12:05      Dr. Dooriddle/brain teaser

12:10       Recess

12:25      Independent Reading

1:05        Fast Word Work/Word Work/Penmanship

1:20        Music

1:40        Math

2:30       Recess

2:45       Finish math work/ Science and Social Studies Literacy and Math Integration

3:35       Dismissal

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